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Entry #9

Feeling Festive

2010-12-21 20:08:32 by LightKeeper

I'm feeling festive, how about you? Got any great plans for Christmas? I don't really... Well, besides the release of a special mix on the 24th... No significance there really... You know, besides that it's the Eve of Christmas. I decided to be kind (Or cruel, depending on your disposition) and release a track right before Christmas this year. I did this two years ago with my Ice Cap track and that seems like it turned out pretty great.

Really, I'm shocked at how little Christmas related, or rather holiday related, music is showing up in the audio portal. Maybe it's because I haven't logged on in a few weeks, but damn... Where did the spirit go? I know I haven't been crazy active but I'm hoping now that I got full version of FL working on my crap linux computer I'll be able to get something out there.

Enough about that though... Just curious... What do you all ask for anyway around this time? Just post your thoughts below.

I'll leave you with the dashing picture of Santa.

Feeling Festive


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2010-12-24 23:05:21

Merry Christmas!