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Great Animation

I'm not a huge fan of the Halo series, but this looks like it could be interesting and humorous. I was really blown away by the animation, not what I was expecting especially after reading your comments above. You've gotten good in such a small time. Nice work, send me a PM my way when the first episode comes in or I might miss this. :)

Darbaras responds:

Thanks! I'll send your a PM, but the only problem is the first part won't be finished until summer: Creating a final movie with proper dialogs and scenes is harder than making a trailer.

Pretty cool

I like what you did to each of the musician's hands. The drummer with stick arms and the guitarist/bassist with pick hands. Very creative there. Though I have to admit that I was hoping for a more energetic song that had maybe more to it. Either way this is good. I enjoyed and maybe you'll try this again some time?

AlexisGOAR responds:

well we are going to be doing something with RyuuKIba

It was pretty good

I recommend making the Frame Rate faster however so some of the scenes act more smoothly. The animation overall was nicely done. I didn't like how you used Waiting to Die as the main song throughout the movie though, it seemed to get old after awhile. i like the song, but it didn't flow witht he movie in general. I would suggest finding some more 'epic' or classical styled songs for this flash, maybe even neo-classical. Or something heavy. The use of more sounds would also add to watching it. Whatever sounds you used were being covered by the song, remember to mix them together so everything flows nicely. Good job on this episode, I'll try to follow the series.

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Pretty good.

It's a little bit on the easy side but it's still a fun game. I was having a few lag issues myself too. One thing I'd recommend in the future is to try having a boss like that octopus boss on every level because that was probably the most unique enemy.

And thanks for using my track. :)


I love all the comments when you choose the wrong piece of clothing. It's funny, but lacking.


This game is unique to most on NG, however navigation in the game can be pretty challenging. I understand the concept of a maze and what not, but sometimes it's hard to see where another opening is. I do like the darkness that happens after the character begins to fade. I would encourage making another game similar to this, if not a sequal with more features.

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Mario... and Zelda?

Nicely done. I love the creativeness with this mash up and the use of different rhythmic elements. However, I think a lot of the song holds too tightly on the Zelda side. I would have liked to hear more Mario influence in there so it evened out..

One part that didn't seem to fit too well was at about 3:01 with the synth playing over the heavy guitar.. But I do have to credit you on the way you transitioned everything.

I have to give you a ton of credit for playing all the instruments in the mix. You really don't hear anything on newgrounds mixed and played by one person too often.

Minus the said mentioned things, this is an excellent mix. 5/5 and 9/10.

Caught me by surprise.

I'm diggin this dark atmosphere you've got going on. It really manipulates the sound of the original song. The use of effects is brilliant and really adds to every aspect of this mix. I really enjoy remixes that are more than just the original placed into a genre and this is more. It's a unique sound you won't hear anywhere else.

I feel like it fails to maintain energy as it picks up though. It sort of hits a climax and then dies out. I don't think the climax was a big enough turning point either. Dynamically I think it would have been very interesting if the volume would have seriously picked up.

Overall I enjoyed it. My original vote was an 8, but I figure what the hell. It's Christmas and I enjoy the originality. You've earned yourself a 9 and a 5.

If you could, please check out my rendition of Deck the Halls, "Fa la la la la". Thanks. :)


I wouldn't say it sounds anything like TMV. Just because you use similar instruments a high tempo or similar ideas to them doesn't make the song similar. This has a bit more structure than a TMV song. The Mars Volta has a bit more of an abstract sound and I think you're right. What you're missing is Omar, because he is the creative design of The Mars Volta and its music. You'll never write anything similar because it's his style. Just listen to your own music, you have a style . Listen to anyone else, they have their sounds as well. It's a matter of what you're capable of and finding a sound for yourself.

That being said I'll move past your comments and to my own of the song. The mixing seems a bit dry. The drums are interesting but I think they're hindered by the mixing. The organ could be brought up a little in my opinion. It's really repetitive as well. I'd use a different bass sample or VST as well it just seems kind of bland to me. The ending was pretty cool and a few other spots in the music, but other than that I was a bit bored.. I'm sorry if I couldn't be exactly helpful but I do hope you take some things into consideration.

I'm a musician. I play drums and I love to chill out. That's all you need to know. :D

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